1. Do you handle customs pre-classifications?
Yes! JC Logistics will handle all commodity pre-classifications which will elimante your resources for this labor intensive process. 

2. Do we offer insurance? 
Yes! JC Logistics offers full door to door insurance on all your goods.

3. Do you have any shipping limitations to specific countries?
Absolutely not, JC Logistics can move every type of commodity from any country to the USA or from an international country directly to another international country. We do not have limitations for our Ocean, Air or Trucking capabilities.

4. Do you have offices overseas? 
Yes, we have certified, dedicated agents worldwide which we have been working with directly for six years.

5. How many ocean carriers do you have contracts with?
At the moment we carry contracts with roughly 15 carriers. This allows us to offer various departure/arrival times to fit your company needs.

6. Are you capable of handling the new 10+2 requirements?
Yes, JC Logistics is compliant and able to handle all the current and future filings needed by customs.

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