• Tired of large freight forwarders who can only give you special discounts based on your volume?
  • Have you ever needed help from your sales or customer service representative and can't reach them?
Eliminate your current shipping headaches, let JC Logistics do what we do best so YOU can do what you do best.

Being a freight forwarding/logistics business woman in Washington State gives me great pride. With over 25 years in the industry I have managed all types of products to and from every part of the world. JC Logistics takes exceptional care of all its customers from the beginning of the shipment move to the final destination.

My company provides vast services to move your precious merchandise to and from anywhere in the world. What mode of transportation do you prefer? Sea, Air or Truck? To get started, all I need is basic information about you, so JC Logistics can get your product moving!

If you want to experience a one stop shopping for all your personalized shipping needs, I guarantee you will simply enjoy how JC Logistics caters to your every need. We handle each circumstance ethically, honestly and with integrity.

If you would like to see how JC Logistics can save you up to 20% of your shipping cost… read on!

- Cheryl Wilson, CEO

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